About Me

Supriya 3Welcome to my inner world that embraces fire with ice and peace with chaos. I believe that we are ever changing evolving beings. Who we am yesterday does not define – who will we be tomorrow.

My Story…

Born in India, raised primarily in United States, I recently moved from US to Australia. Moving countries has its own challenges and adventures! I have a degree in Bachelor’s of Science and Business Administration in Management Information Systems (in simple words – I work on large technical implementation projects primarily in finance and insurance domains). Health and fitness has been topic of interest since my early childhood years. My earliest childhood memories go far back into my early teen years where I found dancing as a form of expression, and away to stay fit. Now I do cardio dancing to destress, relax and unwind.  

My Struggles…

There are 3 incidents that had a major impact on me.

In my late teen years, I suffered a major jaw injury when I fell flat on my face due to some sort of a flu shot that I had been given earlier that morning. Long story short – it took, 41 stitches over the course of 4 years and multiple doses of antibiotics along with braces to keep my fractured jaws intact. I am grateful for the medical team that helped me smile. But, I was too naïve to understand what those numbing painkillers and antibiotics had done to me. That along with my not so healthy diet (even after having a regular fitness regime) resulted to gradual weight gain, serve acne and low stamina.

As my career took off, I was fairly fit. I would eat just about anything and work out to stay in shape. (Boy! what was I thinking?) My long hours and weekly travel resulted into chronic backache and severe neck aches where at times I saw myself booking last minute massage appointments to get me through another day. I kept ignoring all the signs that my body was giving until it landed me in an emergency room of a hospital bed one day. I saw myself helplessly lying overdosed on antibiotics and pain relievers until I was wheeled into surgery that same day. Even though my body could not move and the bed felt extremely cold, even though they had covered me with blankets, I knew that I had not done something right that had landed me over here. Back then, I was single, yet to have really seen life when I was handed down a form to sign (the one you get that in case anything happens to you, you are giving them permission to cut you up and fix you up and that they aren’t responsible for anything in case something goes wrong). Millions of doubts flashed through my head and made me realise that I am going to have to re-prioritize my life and really figure things out, if I ever get out of this hospital – alive. What had not made sense was that regardless of a fabulous fitness regime, I had landed in the hospital. I had to pull myself together, sign the form, bid my goodbyes to loved ones as I was taken into a separate facility. I was wheeled away very swiftly and before my mind could register much, I was out.  Thanks to the medical team, I was out and about in a matter of hours. I was one of the eager patients who was keen on being discharged. I just wanted to be out of the doors and away from the white walls as far as possible. From that point onwards, my transformation started. I had to reflect on my actions, face reality and take control of my wellness aspect of life. I was informed that there were no medical implications of the surgery that was performed on me. However, 6 months later, my body was telling me something very different. That is when my real journey started to really listen to my body, reflect on my diet, ponder upon my lifestyle and question everything around. My recovery scars went beyond skin and I had to make many food adjustments with each passing year.

Having an Indian background made it extremely challenging at times when I did food experiements on myself (for instance – cutting out dairy and processed sugar meant no indian sweets. Politely refusing to have sweets is also considered rude as a guest. At some point, I was afraid of politely refusing food that was offered as I didn’t want to offend anyone. However, the ordeal that my body was going through had to stop. Somewhere along the lines, I had to start pushing back to continue my food experients on myself. Food is still a big part of my life and culture. However, there is a balance that came with patience and time. My social group and friend circle drastically changed as I gave up eating so many things to experiement with my body, spirit and mind. At times, I found myself alone on my journey but sometimes I needed to just be with myself to really listen to what was going on within me.

Finally, when I moved to Australia last year, the medical team ran blood test on me that showed that I have genetic anemia. What is it? It is an inherited blood disorder in which the body makes abnormal form of hemoglobin (protein molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen). In simple words, my cells hold 50% less oxygen than a normal human body. With passing years, I am supposed to feel colder and weaker than others and will have relatively less stamina to perform tasks. There is no cure for this disorder. I think it is important for people to understand that right food and diet can help peak performance. By right means, what is right for you. I believe that there is no cookie cutter diet that works for all.

I suffer from asthma, sinus, blood disorder and who knows what. It is good to know the facts but that has not stopped me from believing in myself – that I am limitless. There are only boundaries if we create barriers in our minds.

Today,  I have more energy than I have had ever before because of right diet (That’s right for me) and regular exercises. Medical teams are there to help me but I know that I need to do my part – daily. It takes me disciple, determination, devotion and rigor to stick to my healthy lifestyle in a demanding work environment. It looks easy to all in the front but what goes in the background to deliver a smooth performance takes days, weeks,months and sometimes years to preparation.  Today…I am much better than I was a decade ago.

My purpose…I am a certified health and wellness coach. I look forward to celebrating my birthdays as major milestones of life well lived! I am extremely grateful for all these life experiences that have brought me to this point of time in my life today. Over a period of time, I seem to have accumulated wealth of knowledge (so my friends, co-workers and team members say) and I hope to share some of these amazing experiences, tips and recipes with you along the way so that you can make educated decisions for yourself.

My hope…is that If I had all the time in the world, I would want to spend my time creating information in forms of blogs, guides, videos and dabble being a vlogger so that I can help others through my experiences. I hope to create and convert this space into a lifestyle blog someday, that would be a  dream come true and will call for celebration!

Until then…there are lessons to be learned as I keep tripping, falling and picking up myself through this adventurous journey! I am here to share all of this and more! I hope to continue creating on this canvas as I learn and hope to make a difference.

This website is a medium to share my knowledge based on the research and studies that I have done in the past decade in health, wellness and fitness. I hope to reach as many of you as possible so you can make an educated decision of what is right for you in terms of food and fitness.  I plan to share my travel adventures and how I stay fit during short and long travels (on road or by air).

Do grab a cup of your favorite beverage and just indulge in some ‘your’ time!  If you love to read about travel, food, health, fitness, wellness, fashion, organizing, business and self-development, you’ll feel right at home here. I hope you enjoy your time here browsing and peeking around.

More Interesting Facts About Me:

  • I enjoy hiking, traveling, photography (still learning) and sketching or painting. I have participated in some art exhibitions in the United States (Texas & Arizona).
  • I like to transform my kitchen into an experimentation lab to create recipes that are invigorating and energizing.
  • I’ve run a marathon/half-marathons and have transitioned into cardio dancing.

More to come later…